The Positive Effects Of Vaping Marijuana

Marijuana is considered to be used widely by young adults as well as adolescents as there are millions of users of this mind altering drug that is also referred to as psychoactive drug. It is derived from the THC of the cannabis plant that contributes to the drug effects and marijuana can be smoked, vaped or ingested in teas and foods. Vaporizers are popularly used method among people who wants to enjoy the long term effects of this drug because it has been found out that vaping marijuana can be beneficial for the health of the users. The reason for this is because the plant extracts has become even more potent that has resulted in the increase in the efficiency of the drug in treating a large number of health conditions.

There are many positive effects that you will enjoy after using marijuana as it will give you a high so that you will feel even more relaxed while altering your senses so that you will get rid of any kind of pain and discomfort that might arise because of any severe heath condition. You will also be able to get rid of the symptoms associated with many medical conditions when you inhale marijuana smoke as the effect of using this drug will last for more than 12 hours and longer. The effects of smoking marijuana will be experienced only after 2 minutes of smoking the stuff and you will get a feeling of happiness that is generally felt due to the use of this drug. Moreover you will be able to socialize more with your friends as you will be at complete peace and there will be renewed enthusiasm for starting new things in life.

Cannabis is not harmful if it is used in appropriate quantity because overuse can be bad for health which makes it even more important for you to monitor the use of weeds. If you want to enjoy the positive effects of using marijuana then you need to use this seldom because overuse of it will diminish the effects gradually and you might not get any intense benefits. Thus it is important that you limit your daily dose of pot as you need to take a break from its regular use because only after a period of complete abstinence, you will be able to enjoy the positive effects of using cannabis. There are many doctors who prescribe marijuana as a medicine and it should be taken on a regular basis for getting rid of the medical condition in a short period of time. It is known to relieve the symptoms of the medical conditions and hence it is legal to use in many places as it offers a large number of benefits. But it is also important to use vaporizer as it is far more beneficial as compared to smoking it. Vaporizer can be more effective as it produces vape that effects quickly for getting the desired results and for treating the different medical conditions and its symptoms.

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quickdraw 300 dlx 3 in 1 vaporizer review saleIf you have been searching for a highly affordable multi-function 3 in 1 style vape pen that can handle herbs, oils, and waxes, and doesn’t combust and burn your herbal materials like every single other multi use vaporizer pen on the market, then this Quickdraw 300 DLX Review should provide you with the information that you are looking for.  This vape is extra special, and outperforms all of the other multi function style vape pens on the market for one simple reason: the dry herb attachments actually vaporizes your herb.  The reason that the herb attachment on the Quickdraw 300 is so much more effective than all of the other multi function pens is because it doesn’t use the old dreaded heating coil, and it relies on a high quality, medical grade ceramic heating chamber which uses conduction heat to vaporize the material instead of burning it directly with the coil, which is what every single other 3 in 1 pen on the market does, except for this one.  For this one simple reason, the 300 DLX vape pen has earned it’s place as king of the multi functions, and we maintain that it is the only multi function style pen out there that can truly vaporize herbal blends.

Top Features Of The Quickdraw 300 DLX Vaporizer Pen

We have already established that the number 1 thing that sets the DLX 300 apart from other multi function pens in the industry is it’s high quality ceramic heating chamber as opposed to using a coil, so lets dive into some other aspects of this top performing vape pen.  The battery life is relatively long, so if you stick to charging it up once a day (typically at night) like a cell phone then you should be okay.  The oil and wax attachments on this vape work and function as intended, but may not be the best on the market for those.  Where this vape really shines is it’s dry herb department, and while it can also handle wax and oils, there are wax pens designed specifically for concentrates that do the job much better, and we would recommend those instead for hardcore wax users, but the 300 does still get the job done, just not as efficiently as some of the higher grade wax pens.  This is understandable though, and nobody can be the master of all categories.  The thing that is so great about the Quickdraw 300 is that it is decent at waxes and oils, and great at herbs, while most of the other multi-function pens aren’t even decent with herbs, not to mention their lackluster performance in the other departments.  At least the DLX can handle all 3 and provide above average level performance, and it heats up and performs consistently, and is a great pen for using on the go.

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Health Benefits Of Medical Marijuana


Medical marijuana refers to any part of cannabis plant you utilize to treat a health problem, as opposed to trying to get high. Among the active chemicals in marijuana include two (CBD and THC) that researches believe have medical benefits. CBD (Canabidiol) impacts your brain without making you high while THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) has pain relieving properties, among much more. Some cannabis intended for medical use are specially grown in conditions that make it have less euphoria-causing chemicals.

Health Benefits of Marijuana

1. Weight Loss

Cannabis helps your body regulate the production of insulin, thus managing caloric intake more effectively. Researchers have also reliably established that pot effectively treat depression whose side effects include uncontrolled cravings that lead to overheating and subsequent weight gain. So, if you have been struggling to lose weight or have perennial depression that is causing other unpleasant effects in your body, medical weed could be all you need.

2. Treats Glaucoma

Cannabis treats an eye disease referred to as Glaucoma that increases pressure in your eyeball thereby damaging your optic nerve and eventually occasioning loss of vision. On using medical marijuana, it decreases pressure inside your eye by lowering IOP (intraocular Pressure). The overall effect of the herb is a slow progression of the condition, preventing blindness.

3. Regulate and Avert Diabetes

Since diabetes is closely associated with overweight, by helping regulate body weight, weed prevents diabetes. The herb’s ability to regulate insulin production goes a long way in regulating diabetes leading to a major breakthrough in an otherwise chronic medical condition.

4. Fights Cancer

CBD prevents cancer from spreading by turning off If-1, a gene that cancer cells multiplies more than it even reproduces non-cancerous cells. The information has been so widespread, the both the federal government and scientists have enough evidence on how cannabinoids fights some forms of cancer including breast cancer.

5. Controls Epileptic seizures

Marijuana use prevents epileptic seizures; THC regulates seizures by binding to the brain cells whose duties are to regulating excitability and controlling relaxation. Additionally, it reduces severity of the otherwise debilitating epileptic seizures. By modifying both nausea and the brain, medical marijuana is essentially a powerful therapeutic for all patients.

How to acquire Legal Medical Marijuana

The relevant state laws

Medical cannabis is available in the territories and states that have formulated medical marijuana programs. Since the ailments and conditions approved for its treatment vary widely, you should first find out if your condition is among the qualifying ailments. The laws and requirements you need to acquire the herb also differ widely from one state and territory to another.

Seek your doctor’s recommendation

Visit your doctor if you feel using medical marijuana can improve your condition and the physician will write a recommendation letter. Note that FDA does not consider cannabis an official medication and as such your doctor won’t prescribe it. The doctor’s endorsement, however, is crucial since it authorizes you to proceed with the approval process.


On successfully completing the approval process, you will be permitted to purchase marijuana from an approved dispensary or delivery service, depending on your state. Some states require you to pay an enrollment feel, before applying for a card that costs as high as 200 dollars. In some states, the process is very simple; you only need a state photo Identity card and a doctor’s recommendation.

Ways of using

There are several ways of using your acquired cannabis. While dried marijuana flower is the most rampant form, some states have banned this from (smokeable) in their programs. You, nonetheless, have several other options that include capsules, tincture sprays, Vapes, edibles and concentrated extracts.

Medical Marijuana for Kids

Medical marijuana can help regulate seizures in children suffering from hard-to-treat epilepsy. A special type of medical cannabis, referred to as “Charlotte’s Web” has been found to be medically beneficial to kids since it does not get them high; the strain contains the least amounts of THC.


Like any other product, abusing medical marijuana can cause adverse effects. However, using it responsibly, following your doctor’s directions goes a long way in helping you prevent or even treat a wide range of diseases, some of which are chronic. Research has evidently shown that cannabis plays a big role in treating certain conditions and helping persons lead a healthy lifestyle through weight loss. Everybody, everywhere certainly deserves access to all marijuana benefits.